Fragments of a Memory (FOAM) sorceror only guide


I have quit the game

1) Stand near walls, not pits, so the sorcerors dont spawn on the pit and drop nothing (they like to spawn a set distance from you)

2) Here's a shitty map showing the sorceror counts per room. Note: the warps are randomized if you have more than 1 person in the room. They seem to stay the same if you solo. I marked 2 rooms with red dots. These 2 rooms do not need to be fully cleared to kill all the sorcerors, so just kill them and leave.


Best strategy: Try to warp to D so you don't need to do any of the 2 rooms with zero sorcerors in them (there is a 3rd long rectangular hallway with zero sorcerors, but you always need to clear this one). Also warp to C whenever (preferably last so you can quit the quest right after, but can do it first)

If you do this with a buff slave the warps will be randomized, so let your buff slave drop a pipe in the warp room so u can go back to it in like 5 seconds if u need to.


Toxicest player
Book is upside down
Has coffee stain top right
Remnants of ripped pages inside the spine
Confusing arrows at bottom portion of map.
Several lewd looking rooms
2/10 guide

JK thanks for the counts. Now I don't have to make my own counter 8)