Former GC player got struck by nostalgia :D

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Guren Hana, Mar 12, 2020.

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    Hi everyone!

    1 week (already ._.) that I've been there and still haven't made an intro
    As title say, I used to play on the gamecube version when I was a kid. (I remember 8 years old me, couldnt find the Dragon xD) After quitting and getting back at it many times on my old machine or emulator, I'm finally taking a step forward and trying the online experience. :p

    Around 2 weeks ago my little brother wanted to try the game and we played together, and boom got the pso virus again. When I got back to my appartment I downloaded a rom for dolphin, and got addicted (again).
    Then a little voice in my head said to me "why dont ya try BB ya dumbass" XD I did my little research on the different private servers and Ephinea seemed like the dream place to go to! And I'm not disappointed, so far everyone is so nice and I'm having a ton of fun! Really happy to have found a good community! (goodbye league of legends you wont be missed at all).

    I used to play Ramar exclusively, now I'm an Hunewearl main, (also planning on doing a Fonewearl and a Ramarl later on) I love Hybrid dps/support character so she is a good fit for me. She is hard af to play though, I have so much stuff to improve in my gameplay xD. But i'll eventually get there and learn from you guys :p There is aspects of the game I never thought/knew about before, it will be a long journey, but it's exciting!

    I'm hanging around as "Akina" ingame, See you on the rift Ragol :)
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    Tropical! <3
    EEEeeeeee! *POUNCES and examines Akina-san closely!* Yet another Old Guard Cuber has fallen victim to the Topless Sirens song of Nostalgia and washed up upon our little tribe's shore! Hmmmm...prolly not a lot to remember if you were only 8 years old huh? No biggies! From what you DO remember and rediscovering now...sounds like you really DO like what you're seeing and will be a regular tribe family member~! Yes, HUneys and Femrangers are often looked upon as Substitute FO's in a pinch if there is none in the party, to halp with buffs and debuffs! "Support" is by NO Means a dirty word here either~! So don't let the support/hybrid classes vex you dear! We NEED them! Feel free to ask anyone questions while in game as well! As you've discovered, we're pretty friendly here compared to ANYWHERE Else with a PSO Logo attached to it~! Looking forward to Pouncing and Playing wiff you too! Welcome Home! =3
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    hey welcome to Ephinea
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    Tropical! <3
    Boxxiiiiiies~! =3

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