Hungry? Needy? Want others that you may not know randomly PMing you for lovely slaughterfests. Like just blowing shit up and all you got is that fire scepter angi? SA'LL GOOD BRO. I'm calling all nuking forces who crave that yummy protein from those delicious eggs. If you're down to get together for some 4 player Nuke fest so we can hunt dem lovely V units, dem lovely Lames HS and Limiters, post here and we'll set up some times make it happen.

Obviously the quests will mostly consist of WoL's/Mop Ups/LMB and LHS and the max4s.

Figure this is a fun way to hunt shit while making good use of the double egg drop.

Personally I will be available almost every night this week after 9pm Central Time. I also have sunday and wednesday off this week and would love to get some teams going.

Get at me in game any time you see me on or simply post here and/or PM me and tell me what times you're free and we'll set shit up. If you love the idea and wanna be like super hardcore about it, the best way to get my attention is through the shoutbox on the forums or getting on my teamspeak.

The address is (although if you come on just to be a bitch, i'll kick you faster than I'd fuck Mila Kunis...and trust me that's fast.)

For now, any time you wanna sit and wait for others who are interested (assuming they're not on the forums for shoutbox, simply join my ts and enter the lobby "Fo Brigade." You're more than welcome to wait there as much as you want. I hope we can get a nice group going. Or we could even get a skype group going. If you have ideas for easier communication, please speak up fo sho.

Let's blow shit up.

Current cool people:
Anime (sometimes) (hes a ramarl with fo powers)
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Magic Myz
this sounds like fun. I might not be joining right now but I'll be sitting on the bench until someone else needs to go.


If you see me in game, I'll probably be up for it(unless I'm busy with other stuff).


pso winner
My nuking FOnewm would love to join in on blowing shit up. Add me to the list. :D

I'm off work on nights and weekends.
Awesome. Added you guys to the list. Feel free to hop on ts any time if you wanna wait in the "FO BRIGADE" room. I will be on in about an hour for a good 3 and then later tonight and all day tomorrow. (Cept during WRESTLEMANIA)