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Most Mattposts are basically guides tbqh,
140 Mind / 10 Luck, 5/88/61/46 Mag with V101, V801, Adept and Smartlink. Mind is prioritised because you want as much for easier levelling -- nuking is much better.
This will max out your ATP, ATA, MST and give you 75 LCK with Red Ring. You use this mag for Episode 1 and 4, because Gifoie is useful for the following enemies in multiplayer due to them not having invincibility frames on spawn:

- El Rappy
- Gulgus
- Monest
- Canabin
- Sinow Blue
- Sand Rappy
- Satellite Lizard
- Yowie
- Merissa A

The way this works is that you pre-emptively cast up to 5 Gifoies on the spawn these enemies are going to spawn, and when they do actually spawn, you'll do something along the lines of 2,000~3,000 damage immediately, then you finish them off with more Gifoies or the other players finish them off (depending on spawn). This is why people use mind mags in Episode 1 and 4, not exactly because of the Episode 4 tech weaknesses (though you do solo the boss in the cave with Gizonde since it's faster).

When not using Techniques on enemies, FOnewm is useful because he can use weapons such as:

- Slicer of Fanatic and Demon's J-Cutter (SoF for Range and Hit, J-Cutter for the 4th Target)
- Bringer's Rifle (range)
- Demon's Mechgun
- Other melee weapons for flat damage, although choice is somewhat limited but better than teching (eg. Excalibur, Sac Mechs)

This allows him to do far more damage than FOnewearl can pull with her Simple Techs, and as you can see he has some 800 ATP weapons in there which she cannot use.

When you're in Episode 2, you change your mag to 5/93/101/1 (though the mind doesn't matter), so you're able to drop the Adept and change it with a V502. There is nothing to tech here, so you might as well not bother.

In BB, Megid is a completely useless tech because of V502. Even with the ATA checks, you will score more kills using Hell with:

- Hell Raygun 50H
- Hell J-Cutter

The Hell Raygun is for single-target long-range, while the Cutter is for close range and/or multiple enemies with SN(S), which effectively gives you 100% ATA and 186% Hell power (versus Megid's 100% at level 30) <-- Not really because of how the calculation works, but if we take an enemy with 50 EDK (Gee), Megid has 50% chance to kill while Hell has 86% chance to kill, huge difference.

There's a lot of skilled players that play Force as well, but you will see them less because you only need 1 of them, and the main DPS of the party is naturally the Hunters and the Rangers, and the Force is not quite that important so even if they do play solidly, you probably won't notice them. What's important to note about playing Force well is that you don't play "pure support" and realise you do have the ability to kill enemies yourself (and that your party members also realise this, hint hint) in various ways. Only FOnewearl does not offer anything unique (except 6 ATA, not worth it) and has trouble killing various enemies herself due to her lack of power.
Lol, Matt quotes.
It'd be pretty hard to find for a new player ;o;