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  1. [Disclaimer: Work in progress, I did all of it via calculation and potentially questionable memories. I'm sure there are mistakes in here, I will be testing these in sandbox this week.]

    Hello all! Solo FO is fun, spawn killing enemies with Gifoie is fun. Even though solo FO is very Ra-tech intensive, there are still plenty of uses for Gifoie! So, here is a guide inspired by Matt's original guide, except this one is for 1P mode HP and EFR in Ultimate difficulty. I tried to stay true to Matt's original structure and format for consistency.

    I have also added a chart for these values without Magical Piece, as there are a lot of possibilities in 1P mode. This chart is mainly meant for males, because barehanded casting is super useful. However, I calculated for females as well.

    In 1P mode, my opinion is that Ob Lilly is best handled with Gizonde or Razonde, but I left it in the chart because it's EFR is only 50. I'm sure there are plenty of Ob Lilly spawns that could be handled with Gifoie in 1P mode. I also added Pofuilly Slime, as FO's lack of Damage Traps makes Gifoie the ideal route to killing them.

    These calculations assume:
    • Max MST
    • Ignition Cloak
    • Gifoie Merge


    • Green signifies lowest number of casts.
    • Orange signifies neither lowest, nor highest number of casts.
    • Red signifies highest number of casts. (Sorry FOmarl. :oops:)
    • Bolded numbers signify a decrease in casts from Gifoie 29->30.
    To do list:
    • Proofread! I trust my calculations, but I'm human and probably messed up somewhere.
    • Test them in game, to check accuracy.
    • Add a chart for Fire Scepter: Agni. It is probably suitable on some classes and spawns for cast reduction.
    • Add the Gifoie cast counts for "residual" enemies that don't die on spawn, but may be damaged by residual Gifoie for the enemies that do not spawn with invincibility. (i.e. Gilchich or Crimson Assassin are often killed by residual Gifoie.)
    • Add Falz Darvant to list. (Currently, just add 1 cast to the 1st stage Darvant as they have 500 HP as opposed to 250, as per the Ephinea wiki.)
    Thanks, I hope somebody enjoys this!
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