First time playing (for real).

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by visimicus, Nov 8, 2018.

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    Hey guys, 28 year old dude looking for a low spec MMO to play. I've played tons of FFXI and wanted to try something new. This game was my first exposure to an mmo around 2002 when I was 12, but I never owned it. Looking forward to getting to know the game and the community.

    I won't have tons of time to play, but I am a full time law student and will likely be on fairly regularly.
  2. Koh

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    Awesome, hope to see you around. If you ever need anything just ask!
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  4. Harborer of Hope

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    Tropical! <3
    *POUNCES and examines Visi-san closely* It still never ceases to Geek mew out that players who were only 12yrs old at the time they first picked up PSO would get an 'Urge' to seek it out once more! You're sure to find your childhood memories will still be here waiting for you dear!....Minus the Game Shark crap that was a plague on us all! As an adult you'll actually be able to ENJOY it as it was Meant to be played....albeit you won't find a lot of time to play it....but when you Do...We'll be here waiting with open paws to halp you get your mojo back! Stay Sane before the holiday crunch times! Welcome Home! =3
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    Hello friend. You picked the right server to join because the community here has been awesome since I joined probably close to two months ago. Also because you mentioned Final Fantasy XI you wouldn’t happen to play that on the Nasomi fan server would you? I started playing a bit ago but haven’t had very many people to play with. :p

    Anyways feel free to pester me if you see the names Tsun or Edna in the lobby. I’d say feel free to join my party but I realized that might be difficult since I’m usually on Very Hard or Ultimate but if I’m for some reason on Normal feel free. And if I see you I’ll do my best to support you.
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    Welcome to ephinea :)
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