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JK hate paused, busy!
No, sorry.

I am as old as time. Or something deep like that. I enjoy video games and amateur (professional?) hating. PSO had a lot of both, and fun was had for quite some time...but all things start to age. I took a break for a while. Mostly by choice, but also because I made some real terrible decisions as SCHT started dying. I crossed a line with nearly all my friends, including a large portion of the staff. Actually I wronged everyone in the staff, but I don't want anyone thinking I was friends with Lee. I probably could have paid money or something for my account but I decided to respect the ban after that embarrassment. It's one of the few things I actually regret with this game (came kind of close to regretting the Sega trolling, but then I remember the people who played then.) So PSO was more or less dead to me for a year or two.

I check out PSO information every now and then when I'm bored. I saw Schthack finally bit the bullet and that my once best friend turned bald vampire master got back into running PSO again. The itch came back and offline Gamecube wasn't satisfying it.

So here I am. I dunno how many people are left to hate on (or with) me, but sup to those that don't. I'll try to hit 200 this time...............probably...

edit (not really): I am Terry Jr. Or SashaXxXVal. Or Terbear.
Hopefully we will have fun together.


Threatening your lunch
I was wondering when you'd pop back up. I'll need a leveling buddy anyway for when I eventually get around to making an account. It'll happen soon I swear.

Also don't mind me being 20 days late to the reintroduction party, I suck at being consistent with my web browsing habits.