Ezekial's Burning Rangers Edit


Did you want the original opening music? Too bad. Olga flow's music? Too bad. You like that annoying crappy song at the end of episode 4 from that no name singer that no one gives a crap about? Hahaha too bad. You only get burning rangers. Then after burning rangers you'll get burning rangers. Only burning rangers. I renamed the burning rangers ogg nearly 100 times to emulate every audio file minus effects like tekking/warping. Mod of the year, every year. A+ out of 10. It's your God given duty to download and use this.

Such reviews as
Just as I always never wanted.


Absolutely shameless. Should be received well.

http://www.mediafire.com/download/fvqqc ... 6p/ogg.zip


Toxicest player
Omg yes....
No need to spend time at gallons shop buying them now!
Although i would still like to force it on others....