EVE Online


pso winner
My roommate recently came across this game and we've really got into it. Does anyone here play this game? Started in 2003 and still has developers working on it. :O


קרטל אל
Played it off and on couple of months before schtpso went down but i really got into it once that server died. The progression is absolutely awesome in that game, but i can't stand the battle system. Im a very competitive/action oriented gamer, so the part I was most looking forward to ended up being too boring/laid back for me and I eventually ended up giving my account away.


Yes I play and have played EVE Online since 2010 >:D
My main character's name is Chell Nigiri

-The area of the game I most focus on is Black Ops/Stealth Bombers, used in outlaw space~ #thuglife


I played from like '06 off and on. Currently off. Fly the majority of subcaps now. Mostly hang around in a proteus or a Kronos. Though since I've not played for awhile my Marauders are probably all stuck in Stain.