Error No903 Patch server connection failed

I set up the game a few weeks ago and couldn't connect. Gave up for a little while but I've decided to try again. So far I've:
  1. Created a desktop shortcut (running as admin)
  2. Run the registry edit
  3. Whitelisted the game with my AV (the whole folder and the exe files specifically)
  4. Granted firewall access
  5. Set the game to run in compatibility for XP
I also don't see any DLL errors, unless I'm looking in the wrong place. Have I missed anything? I can't think of anything else to try.


Toxicest player
Are you on a wireless connection?
I used to have the same problem a lot when i had a bad connection to my router. Ended up getting an extender and now everything works nicely.


קרטל אל
I had issues using Wi-Fi on an old XP machine. Kept causing server-client desynchs which lead to me being booted often. @Sodaboy suggested to hardwire that PC temporarily to see if it was an issue and it ended up solving everything.