Ephinia Server: Olga Flow Bug

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Mithos, Jul 18, 2020.

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    Ephinia Server: Olga Flow Bug

    There is an unpleasant bug in the seabed boss fight.
    Olga Flow's Soul Reflection mode does not end and goes on forever.
    In the original version it gives the player back the soul after 3 - 5 minutes, this does not happen in the current version on the Ephinia server.
    In Soul Reflection mode, damage can only be done with a random element or with the Photon Blast.
    Even the recovery of the soul through the death of the player (scape doll or later resuscitation by a team member) does not correct this error.
    The boss fight becomes disproportionately difficult with this bug and makes Seabed an inefficient decision overall.
    The bug occurs in both one-person and multiplayer modes.

    To make Seabed an efficient playable level again, this bug has to be fixed as soon as possible.
  2. Sodaboy

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    It's not a bug and how the fight is on Blue Burst.

    If you're a force, use a tech with an element that works.

    If you're a hunter or ranger, bring weapons of native, a.beast, machine and dark. One of them will end up doing damage.

    Figure it out. You don't need to stand there for several minutes looking like a goof ball.
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    also pbs works. I solo olga flow on my racast since lv 120 and when i get to that phase i wait for pb to get to 100 and shoot a dolphin in his dark flow ass and gg :)
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