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    The Ephinea DLL and launcher were updated. Ephinea DLL is now v1131.

    The following changes were made to the DLL:

    - Added support for 3:2, 21:9, 32:9 and 16:3 display ratios.
    - Added support for custom display resolutions.
    - Screenshots now save in PNG format instead of JPG.

    In order for you to use a selected resolution, it must be defined in your video card's control panel software. If the resolution is not defined, PSO will fail to start.

    You can create any custom resolution of your choice in your video card's control panel.

    The launcher has been updated with a lot more standard resolutions. If a resolution you want to use is not in the launcher, you can edit resolution.ini to add it or go into the registry and set the REG_DWORD keys NEW_RES_HEIGHT and NEW_RES_WIDTH to the resolution of your choice.

    Beware that resolution.ini will be overwritten by the patch server (temporarily). It will stop being overwritten after I get the default resolution.ini that is included in online.exe updated, which shouldn't take very long.

    You may also realize the "high res" HUD scaled size is different than before. This was necessary for dynamic resolutions, but adjustments may be coming to make it smaller again for those who liked that. Just need to add some more tweaks to the code.

    If your resolution is reverted to a default resolution, you may need to set it again in the launcher.

    If using Windows 10, I also recommend setting the High DPI scaling override to be performed by "Application" as opposed to the system.

    Also, for NVIDIA graphics cards, in order to create a custom resolution that doesn't exist yet, you usually have to turn DSR off.

    Thank you for playing on Ephinea!
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