Ephinea Update Report 8/16/2015

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Hello, all! We've been busy working hard on Tethealla and Ephinea, so I wanted to give you a status update as of 12:11 UTC-8 on 8/16/2015

The past few days, we:

- Fixed the problem with selling ++/-- units to the shop and having your meseta desync.
Positive units were supposed to give an extra 125 meseta, negative units were supposed to give you 125 less meseta.
- Fixed Tekker result image being in Japanese.
- Added support for custom menus to the client. (Not used... yet.)
- Prevented people from joining a game while the leader is currently in the process of selecting a quest.
- Fixed problems with weapon and armor drops in all modes.
- Fixed problem with fixed boxes not dropping weapons in all modes.
- Fixed problem with enemy's drop rate when they are supposed to drop a weapon.
- Fixed Battle mode drops in general.
- Fixed problem with server side mag feed tables having values for IQ and sync reversed.
- Corrected problem with infinite mag feed detection not working properly.
- Changed "Connecting.." to "Connecting..." in the client executable. (This is VERY important to Tofuman!)
- Added "/lobby" command to quickly get you back to the lobby, works both in quest and out of a quest.

... I think that's it??? Oh wait, we added Challenge mode too. ;)

Challenge mode can be considered a beta. It worked well enough when Tofu and I tested it, but we know there's probably some bugs, so we need people to play and report them so we can correct the code before release of both new Tethealla binaries and, a little bit later, the source.

Sorry for keeping you waiting for so long, we've been very busy, though, working hard on Tethealla and Ephinea!

Thank you for your support!
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