Ephinea Christmas 2022 Event Thread


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Christmas Event 2022
December 10th - January 7th

Welcome to the Christmas 2022 event! We all ruined it together this year, AS A TEAM!! The mechanics are the same as previous years where all of the Normal, Hard, and Very Hard Presents contain the same list and are called Common presents. However, not all of the N-VH items are in the Ultimate presents. The items in the lists were reworked again this year.

For new players who haven't played our Christmas Event before, there are a few things to look out for:
  • The Christmas Fiasco quests are unlocked in each episode for the duration of the event. These are powerful, dense quests that span multiple areas. Completing these quests rewards Coal. Coal does not drop randomly, but a small amount of coal is obtainable from Common presents.
  • Coal can be used to buy presents from the RAcast by the bank in the Christmas Shop quest in Episode 1.
  • Presents can drop from any enemy in any difficulty. Ultimate mode has stronger presents than other modes.
  • Rare St. Rappies spawn in Episode 2: Temple and drop mostly vanilla event rewards that include the seasons mag cells. These Rappies replace Love Rappies for the duration of the event.
  • The items in presents are reported by the community. Moderators will periodically update this post.
  • When you report an item, please report whether it was a present that dropped in Normal - Very Hard or a present that dropped in Ultimate.
*The Christmas Fiasco quests reward 4, 6, and 6 coal for Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 4 respectively.

Remember that presents do not drop from Rappies that are scared away, nor do they drop from boxes. Rappies that are defeated normally will still drop presents. Present drop rates are not affected by DAR, so presents have an equal chance of dropping from any killed enemy regardless of the active weekly boost or if you're in HBR!

Items listed with "variable" Hit will always come with at least 15% Hit, and can have upwards of 60% Hit.

  • Photon Drop x1
  • Photon Drop x2
  • Photon Drop x3
  • Photon Crystal x1

  • Photon Crystal x3
  • Coal x10
  • HP Material x2
  • HP Material x3

  • TP Material x2
  • TP Material x3
  • Luck Material x1
  • Luck Material x2
  • Luck Material x3
  • Item Ticket
  • Heart of YN-0117
  • Heart of Morolian
  • Daisy Chain (variable hit)
  • Crazy Tune (variable hit)
  • Samba Maracas (variable hit)
  • Toy Hammer (variable hit)
  • Nice Shot (variable hit)
  • Harisen Battle Fan (variable hit)
  • Akiko's Cleaver (variable hit)
  • Rocket Punch (variable hit)
  • Le Cogneur (variable hit)
  • Lollipop (variable hit)
  • Flower Cane (variable hit)
  • Syringe (variable hit)
  • Game Magazine (variable hit)

  • Photon Drop x1
  • AddSlot x1
  • Photon Crystal x1
  • Photon Drop x2
  • Photon Crystal x2
  • Photon Drop x3
  • Halloween Cookie
  • Charge TypeGU/Hand (0/0/0/0|40)
  • Charge TypeGU/Mechgun (0/0/0/0|35)
  • Berserk TypeGU/Hand (0/0/0/0|40)
  • Berserk TypeGU/Mechgun (0/0/0/0|35)
  • Berserk TypeKN/Claw (0/0/0/0|50)
  • Charge TypeME/Mechgun (0/0/0/0|40)
  • Charge TypeSH/Shot (0/0/0/0|40)
  • Berserk TypeME/Mechgun (0/0/0/0|40)
  • Berserk TypeSH/Shot (0/0/0/0|40)
  • Devil's TypeDS/Rod (0/0/0/0|30)
  • Photon Drop x5
  • Stealth Kit
  • Blue Paint
  • Green Paint
  • Yellow Paint
  • Purple Paint
  • White Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Genpei
  • Spirit TypeSW/J-Sword (0/0/0/0|30)
  • Amitie's Memo
  • Yahoo!'s engine
  • Gifoie Merge
  • Photon Drop x10
  • Hell TypeGU/Hand (0/0/0/0|40)
  • Hell TypeGU/Mech (0/0/0/0|35)
  • Hell TypeRI/Rifle (0/0/0/0|40)
  • Photon Filter
  • TP Material x30
  • Photon Booster
  • Magic Rock Heart Key
  • Blue-black Stone
  • Kroe's Sweater
  • Charge Shot (0/0/0/0|65)
  • Demon's Sniper (0/0/0/0|70)
  • Arrest Handgun (0/0/0/0|65)
  • Charge Spread (0/0/0/0|65)
  • Hell Handgun (0/0/0/0|65)
  • Charge Assault (0/0/0/0|65)
  • Charge Mechgun (0/0/0/0|70)
  • Charge Repeater (0/0/0/0|65)
  • Hell Autogun (0/0/0/0|65)
  • Arrest Autogun (0/0/0/0|65)
  • Hell Sniper (0/0/0/0|65)
  • Hell Blaster (0/0/0/0|65)
Very Rare
  • Photon Sphere

  • Slicer of Fanatic (0/0/0/0|40)
  • Frozen Shooter (0/0/0/0|40)
  • Vivienne (0/0/0/0|40)
  • Photon Sphere x3

  • Lame d'Argent (0/0/0/0|30)

  • Calibur (0/0/0/0|75)
  • L&K38 Combat (0/0/0/0|50)
  • Cannon Rouge (0/0/0/0|50)
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A member of my party who wishes to remain anonymous found 65% hit Charge Spread from Ult present :3


I do have a question. Do rare mobs spawn in fiasco, and can drops (ie; P Wand from Mil Lilly) be replaced by presents?


I do have a question. Do rare mobs spawn in fiasco, and can drops (ie; P Wand from Mil Lilly) be replaced by presents?
Ok we got a mil Lilly just now, so that answers the first part. I’m going to assume that yes a present can drop, just like a pd can drop. So, nothing really different.