Easter Event Over, HBR Change, and Quest Update


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The Easter event has officially ended and the Hunter's Boost Road was changed to Endless Nightmare 3, Phantasmal World 3, and War of Limits 3.

There are also two new quests available. The first is "Road To Nowhere" which you can find under Episode 1 → Retrieval. This is the 4P version of "This Must Be The Place". The other new quest is "Random Attack Xrd REV 2" which you can find under Episode 2 → Maximum Attack.

Wiki pages for these two quests will be created soon with monster counts.

Some quests had a rare crash fixed if you warped during the camera zoom-in at quest clear. The 'Caves skip' in Maximum Attack 4th Stage -1A- was also patched, and it was patched in -1R- last weekend.

Let me know if you encounter any issues in these quests.

We hope you enjoyed the event and thank you for playing on Ephinea!