Easter 2016 Symbol Chat Contest


Gotta eat 'em all!
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Welcome to the Easter 2016 Symbol Chat Contest!

Are you tired of the same old symbols for the past 10 years? Then it's finally time to do something about it in the first Symbol Chat Contest! Submit at least one EASTER THEMED Symbol and if it places top 3, you can win a hot prize.

When does the contest end?

The symbol chat contest ends at the same time as the Ephinea Easter Event on April 10th 0:00 UTC (server /time). Votes will be counted on April 17th 0:00 UTC (server /time).

How do I participate?
Make a symbol that is somehow related to easter, take a screenshot and upload it to this album before the contest ends:

You can submit more than one symbol, but only the one with the most likes will take part in the contest.

How do I vote?
Voting can be done by clicking one of the submitted pictures in the album and liking it.

What can I win?
The 3 symbol chat artists :eek: with the most likes can pick a prize from the following prize pool:
- V101
- Mercurius Rod
- Pioneer Parts
- Kit of Hamburger & Panther's Tail
- Heart of Angel & Heart of Devil

1st place can pick a prize first, 2nd place second and 3rd place last.

Final words...
This contest is not associated with the Ephinea staff but I hope we'll have their full support. I will try my best to submit something myself but will not take part in the contest! The prizes are donated by myself so far. If there are lots of people participating :p and you would like to see more "winners", then feel free to donate more prizes.

I hope we'll see lots of new and fresh symbols. Have fun! :)
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This should be fun, I hope people get into it. I have a problem though.. it just tells me "the uploaded file is empty" when I try to upload my images. Anyone know what this means?

Edit: Nevermind, found a workaround.

Screenshot (13).png Screenshot (14).png Screenshot (15).png
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Sure, why not.




Gotta eat 'em all!
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The album will stay open until April 10th 0:00 UTC (server time). Voting will conclude April 17th 0:00 UTC (server time).


Gotta eat 'em all!
Event Team
Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest! The media album is now closed and all votes will be counted / checked on April 17th 0:00 UTC (server time). You can vote by opening the album, and clicking like / thumbs up on a picture OR by opening the picture and clicking "like" at the lower right.


Gotta eat 'em all!
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It's over and we can finally move on. (ALT+M) :eek: Thanks to all participants!

Here is the final ranking:
1. Easter 2016, username 8
2. Rappy wait, give Eggs!, Melirei 7
3. Eggy, Shichimiya 5
3. Screenshot(15), Trykla 5
3. Ovaries, Sun Mi 5

Eatster Chat 1, XII 4
Easter Bunny, NDW 2
EGG GET! & No eggy, Myzith 1
Hope For The Beast, fishhao 1

I will contact you guys about the prizes and hope everyone had at least a little fun doing symbols and get some time off the crazy egg hunts. :p
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