Dual shock 4 support?


See topic. I've been playing on and off way since the days of v1 on Dreamcast and I've got an unfortunately large amount of spare time for the next few months so I'm looking to get back into PSO. I played PSOBB (I think it was) for a while on the SCHTHACK server a little over 6 years ago and really enjoyed it.

So what I'm wondering, is can this game be played with a PS4 controller? I don't even know if one can be connected to a computer, but if so, can I use it for this? Better yet, what controllers are supported? Xbox 360 is probably one right?

And thanks to the folks shouldering this burden for the rest of us. It is very generous.


you can always use third party controller program as long as the pc recognizes the controller inputs

xpadder for instance
I personally use DS4Windows.

You can always set L2, R2, PS Button, and Touchpad to certain keyboard or macro commands to makes things easier for yourself.


קרטל אל
I used to use the old school 2003 duke controller from the original xbox and some people have even used Gamecube controllers. Any controller can be used as long as it can connect to and be recognized by your computer.