Droptable HTML generator


Here's a small but handy tool I created a while ago to generate a basic HTML page from the current server .txt drop files. Just browse to any file in the folder and asuming you are using the standard configuration files, it will output a nice HTMLtable.

The output will look like this table (without css) : http://www.phantasystaronline.net/droptable.php

Download Link :http://www.mediafire.com/download/zizq4kwt60yaawq/droptable_generator_1.4.zip

To add custom items of your own server, just add the items in the provided xml file.


This is a slightly limited version that has only one output mode but will still save you a lot of time if trying to generate one manually.



Staff member
This makes things much easier.

Although a few issues (nothing breaking though):
When you browse folder the default file name is "openFileDialog1"
The open dialog is a file selector not folder selector.
On the HTML code generation It maybe worth using the super script and sub script tags so that the fractions appear nicely. (eg <sup>1</sup>&#8260;<sub>2</sub>)

Also it's best not to use hosts such as mediafire as they have no problem displaying malicious popups. (I was notified that my machine wasn't protected and to install some malware in a popup when downloading the file).


If it was WPF, it doesn't have folder selector :? ...you can use winforms folder dialog, I had the same issue while making my drop editor... haven't tried the folder dialog yet.

After looking around, the winforms dialog is not the one file dialog - like, and i dont like it... so, this one seems a good way to go.

You might have to recompile it tho, since it's targeting 3.5 (iirc)