Doom 4 Beta


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GameStop is having Doom 4 beta codes this Friday. “Starting April 1 at 6pm ET, visit your local GameStop or EB Games (Canada) to receive a free Doom Closed Beta access code. Codes will be distributed through April 3.” PC, PS4, and Xbox 1. Game full release is in May 13th which is on a Friday. Jason Voorhees day.


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I might just might go with my fiancée. Hopefully get a code for PC and Xbox One. I want to see how this next Doom will play out.


The Afro Samurai
I plan on going Friday and getting it for PS4. Hopefully it will not be a bust. I do want hands on that level creator they say Doom 4 has.


Meh, I wish I could care about this. I've liked Doom a long time but this just looks so consolized I don't even know if I wanna touch it. It looks so slowed down for controller users, and the guns just don't look like they have any real punch in the way they "should" . :S It's like Halo: demons edition. Good for those of you that can enjoy this but everything about what's been shown disappoints me as a older fan, it's made for the Xbox/PS audience not old doomers.

It's kind of a shame because me and my roommate been following this project anytime the slightest tidbit of info was released, and the Doom 4 project itself was restarted like 2-3 times due to internal development strife as to the direction it was going to take. As far as I know they tried hard to avoid it being like COD/Halo. According to news bits of info here and there the iD dev teams wanted it to be as close to the originals as possible while still innovating the series, but I guess Zenimax's shareholders/investors that wanted easy money from starved Halo fans won out in the end.

in b4 vex post because i criticized console shooters. XD..


I might've in the past when I thought I could use a normal input method, but once I found out they forced the gamepad gimmick Absolutely not, I hate the gyro gimmick of WiiU rofl. Matter of fact I've really mostly moved on from Nintendo except a few games because they've completely abandoned their original demographic in favor of casuals and nongamers.


it's okay, the two maps in the beta were actually really good, very balanced layout and spawns are great, very low chance of being spawn killed. The weapons aren't as strong as they should be, especially with the very sllight knockback from the rocket launcher (which was perfect in Doom II.). And the plasma rifle is too weak, but other than that i had fun playing and look forward to the full release.


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I watched some videos of the beta and the atmosphere seems all off for being a Doom game. I probably won't buy it, especially since they're already announcing a ~$40 season pass to go with your ~$60 game.


My brother's gonna buy the game at release or when price comes down a bit so I'll get a chance to play Doom 4 when he's done with it. Looking forward to that, I think Doom 4 looks and sounds great. Not the best game ever but a good game nonetheless.