Does anyone else remember...


So back on the Gamecube PSO Sega servers, mostly towards the last year of their run, there was a player who hung out in the lobby just named Dancer. They would sit in the lobby all day and had their keyboard tied down so they'd repeat the same dance move over and over again and just be AFK dancing away. I remember one time I caught them in a rare moment of being at their TV and talked for a bit. I can't remember what our conversation even was, but they were definitely there.

Does anyone else have any more information on this person? Does anyone else remember seeing this player back in Gamecube? I thought about this the other day at work, and I was wondering how crazy it would be if maybe that same person was on here now as a different character. I just want to know why? They were paying a Sega subscription just to be AFK in the lobby dancing 24/7. So many questions...
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