Digger/HP does not add 10 HP


My FOnewearl (Level 4, IIRC) has 40 HP.

  • When I equip a Digger/HP ("Boosts max HP by 10 ..."), she has 52 HP.
  • When I equp a second one, she has 66 HP.
  • And when I equip a third one, she has 73 HP.

Am I missing something, or is this a bug? According to the description, she should get 50 / 60 / 70 HP.

EDIT: Ah, I just noticed it has to do with the "+" and "-". Digger/HP+ gives +12, Digger/HP++ gives + 14, Digger/HP-- gives +7


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Yeah, the description isn't updated for --/++ items in the client. You have to look at the actual stat.


I didn't know that. It's a long time ago that I played PSO, but I kind of remembered that I never noticed that the HP units give something else than what is written in their description. So when I just noticed this here, I thought it would be a bug. Then I read the thread about the wrong +/-, but at first I thought it would only be relevant for selling these units (didn't know that they also influence the actual stats).