Desynch issues led to a ban?


I've been playing for about a week on this server, and I've been having desynch issues while playing. My internet has been kinda spotty, which I have to wait on looking into at the ISP for various reasons. I just tried to log on today, and it says that I've been banned. What's going on? Did I get banned for logging back in so much?


Staff member
Usually desynchronization doesn't lead to a ban, but there were a few suspicious things in the log:

[04-02-2016, 04:13:17] 42004849 (Nitronox) failed to purchase an item.  Meseta: 237  Cost: 1000
[04-02-2016, 04:15:03] 42004849 (Nitronox) failed to purchase an item.  Meseta: 57  Cost: 1000
[04-02-2016, 04:15:09] 42004849 (Nitronox) failed to purchase an item.  Meseta: 57  Cost: 500
[04-02-2016, 04:16:48] 42004849 (Nitronox) failed to purchase an item.  Meseta: 57  Cost: 1000
[04-02-2016, 04:20:57] 42004849 (Nitronox) failed to purchase an item.  Meseta: 57  Cost: 1000

Most people don't desync meseta that much and even then, if they get the message, they'd change blocks, get their updated value, and then know what amount of meseta the server thinks they have.

Your messages were coming in at different minute intervals, though, for the same type of purchase, which, at that time, you should know your correct meseta value, so I was wondering why were you trying to keep purchasing something that costs 500 or 1000 meseta only having 57 on hand, minutes apart?

Also, when a person desync 5 times in the same game, you get auto disconnected, so I could tell you were reading the message, at least, but didn't change blocks to resync your data with the server. Not sure why you didn't do that.

Usually, when a person doesn't do that, they're trying to get away with having temporary items or meseta that can only be seen on their client, for an easier gameplay experience, and not caring that the server isn't synced up with them.

Anyway, if you just legit didn't change blocks and kept recreating your game, knowing your data wasn't synced, that is fine (I see Matt unbanned you already), but if you get this message, it's in your best interest to change blocks to keep things synchronized to avoid misunderstandings like this.

Also, failing to change blocks and continuing to play when your desync'd can have disastrous effects on your inventory, if you shuffle things around, equip, drop, sell items, etc. because you could be selling or dropping something else than what you think you're selling or dropping on the screen.


Ah, okay. I did do a block change a few times, and it didn't change, and we didn't want to remake the game, since we were right before Falz. I had disconnected too because my internet was being dumb, so that's why they were minute intervals like that, since I was trying to fix it. Guess remaking the game is the only choice in that one.