Desync bug involving third party member?


I was having some issues with my client earlier and was playing with two people and ended up disconnecting from desync issues; I ran the client as administrator and it was running a lot more smoothly

however, when I joined Amaya from my guild card list, I thought it was just the two of us running TTF, because it looked like this

WHEN IN ACTUALITY THIS WAS OUR PARTY (screenshot courtesy of Amaya)

We first noticed it because the notification popped up that Solaire got a rare drop and I was like ??? how is that possible?!?? and Amaya was like.. cuz PSO2 drops
it took a little bit to figure it out from there

Every time a boss targeted him it acted like it did nothing which was helpful for me, less helpful for Solaire who I was unable to help kill mines on De Rol Le or tell when Falz was Lifestealing.

Here's an album of screenshots of that run; afterwards I was able to connect and play with them without issue but the first run was as if Solaire wasn't in the party at all, except for the rare drop that popped up. I wish I'd managed to grab a screenshot of that!

First three images are Amaya's, the rest are mine to try to detail some of the weird goings-ons.


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No idea, I've never seen this before and never heard of anything similar happening.

It's strange that you would join a game and you wouldn't see one of the players.

One of the weird things about PSO is that the leader sets up the game state, sends all the information about the players and so on.

It's possible you missed some packets during the join. Recently, I've found out this can be caused by antivirus filtering out some data. (A Japanese player was only able to play in games he made but couldn't join other peoples' games properly when he had Microsoft Security Essentials enabled. Disabling it fixed his problems.) But I'm honestly not sure what happened in your case. I also see you use a 3rd party mod by Tofuman for Widescreen display. This may or may not cause problems with the client and/or AV as well.. (I never use this tool and I'm not knocking Tofuman's creation! I'm just saying, it's another variable...)

It's really hard to troubleshoot something like this when there's a lot of variables at play here. But, like I said, I've never heard of this happening before and I'm sure if it happened often, there would be a ton more posts about this.

Definitely sounds like something got dropped, though, for some strange reason.


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I've seen this on Schthack before. It only happened to me personally during the "closed" period (only twice, and one time was a different from this as I literally just disappeared so nobody was "playing" in the game...) but a few people I knew had it happen after that. I can't remember it happening on the official servers...but I don't think it's specific to Tethealla. I can't remember it causing real problems either because the game still understood for whatever reason. Say there were ABC in a game, but person A couldn't see C. A could pick something up and person C would still see the item - but the game(server??/) wouldn't let them pick it up. A and/or C couldn't see player's dropped items. etc

(this is from some foggy memory tho and it's not from here)


My internet has been really shaky lately so it may have something to do with that, Soda. The missing packets from the host and all that. We were able to do another run with Solaire right after without any issues, so hopefully it was isolated. Just figured it was worth sharing JUST IN CASE. ;w;

Corey - aw damn I meant to try to get Solaire to drop items at one point but I forgot. If it happens again, tho...


On topic, there was also a recent issue with me and others not being able to see eachothers character models both ingame and in lobby until we reloaded or loaded an area in game, our display information was there and could see eachothers chat boxes though, simply invisible character models. I also recently experienced a ton of lag and a few d/c a few days ago, I couldn't load the forums or get past patch server, and every other website or thing loaded properly. So maybe the host isn't handling some things properly? It sounds all related to properly sending things to clients from the server. That's just my uneducated guess though :X.

Aleron Ives

This happens all the time on V1/2/3. It never happened on Sega, but all private servers somehow handle the team joining process incorrectly, and nobody knows how. The "fix" is for the existing player who can't see the new player to go back to the lobby and join the team again, and then he will be able to see everybody. If the leader is the person who gets the bug, then the new player won't be able to join at all and will be forced to soft reset, unless the leader returns to the lobby, which will then either kick the stuck player back to the lobby (if the leader was the only person in the team) or allow the stuck player to join (if somebody else was already in the team and can assume leadership). Getting stuck may not be a problem on BB, though, if the server is more involved in the joining process.


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By "getting stuck", do you mean that annoying thing that happened on Schthack all the time where you're not able to load in properly and your camera's stuck above Pioneer 2 with no music playing?

Aleron Ives

Yes. On V3/4 you get stuck looking over Pioneer 2, and on V1/2 you get stuck looking out the window of the Hunter's Guild. If the leader gets the bug, he won't send you the join packet to let you into the team, so you'll never be allowed to join. The only fix is for the leader to leave (thus causing the team to disband, which then boots you to the lobby, since there's no longer a team for you to join) or for you to soft reset to quit the game. Once the leader gets the bug, the team is "dead", and nobody will ever be able to join it. Everyone must return to the lobby to make a new team at that point. If somebody other than the leader gets the bug, all he has to do is rejoin, and then he'll be able to see the new player who was previously invisible to him.


Well... just to say on Ultima this happens too (invisible characters for one another but one person seeing both).
I don't think it could be caused by tofuman's launcher (I use it all the time) and have never had this issue with this launcher surprisingly.