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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by meridian, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. meridian

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    My client seems to always be a good second or two behind everyone else's. Boss fights start first for all the other players, epsilon hits and opens up for everyone a good while before it does for me, I stand there unable to target Gibbles others freeze on spawn.

    Any idea of what I could do to fix the issue?
  2. Ender

    Ender of fun

    Sounds like either network issues or your client is dropping frames. Are you playing on wifi or are you struggling to maintain a full 30FPS? Does it happen in every party or only when a certain player is the leader?

    But I wouldn't worry too much about Gibbles in particular. For *some reason*, once any Gibbles goes into the jump animation (this includes them getting stuck trying to jump if the target is up against a wall), they're "slow" for the rest of your client's uptime. Restarting your client does fix it for a bit but it usually will happen again unless everyone in every party is super on point. Would be better to have others just use NS with their FS to flinch the Gibbles first, which makes it targetable for everyone, and then freeze it before it has a chance to move. Or if you have a cast that's trying to use a Freeze Trap on a spawn, they could use Twin Blaze to get the gifoie to flinch the Gibbles as well.
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  3. meridian

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    Happens even with ethernet cable, certainly drop frames but yeah, don't know which one would be the actual cause. Happens always, except that when I host everyone else has to wait for the boss to start for me instead.

    I NS gibbles myself, but everyone else just freezes them the second they're targetable for them, so I'm just sitting there doing nothing. I can live with the problem, but it is rather frustrating and was looking to see if there was anything I could try.
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    Forwarding ports has no effect when you're playing on somebody else's server. PSO does not require incoming connections.

    The usual reason for boss cutscene desync is loading speed. If the leader loads faster than everybody else, the movie will get cut off for the other players. If the leader loads slower than everybody else, the other players will have to sit there and twiddle until the movie finishes for the leader. The boss will stand there and do nothing until the leader's movie is done.
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