Decided to stop lurking


Hello all!

I'm Aoko. I've been playing PSO on and off since the days of the Dreamcast and had played on the official Sega servers a little while for BB as well. I figured I'd dive back into PSOBB after a (very) long hiatus from SCHTserv. Originally I was going to go back to play on there but once I saw the news from Aleron Ives about what had happened, it was time for me to find a new BB server to play on. I was not too keen on Ultima, to be honest, and Eden is pretty fun but for some reason, I like the difficulty of leveling up very slowly. Makes getting to 200 all that much more of an achievement haha!

Anyway! I have tendency to play PSOPC/ver2 but now with steady internet where I live, I'm hoping to change that by playing on here. I'm really liking the general amount of people I see on the ships, as I've been trying to monitor them very closely to see how active they are. I do hope that more people pop in from SCHTserv so we can have even more BB players! :D

I have also messed around and played with the Tethealla client many years ago so I'm happy that Sodaboy actually got around to making a (damn good) private server with what he has learned from it. :) I've lurked in the shadows for many many years, especially at SCHTserv, since probably around 2006ish? I figured it's about time to actually start being more social and learn to play with other people haha! It's sad that I can count on one hand how many times I've played with people online across all PSO games...^_^;;

Here's to many good times to be had! \^_^/ Huzzah!

P.S btw, I suck at this game, hence why I'm so shy online...:$


Thanks! I'm definitely hoping to kill a lot of time here and enjoy myself with the hunters here.

lol when you said 'the light' the very first think that pops to mind is Dark Falz's third form casting Grants xD And holy crap, dat Randy Savage Macho Man picture! *slow clap*