DC and GC era player, looking to make new friends!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by WetNoodle, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. WetNoodle

    WetNoodle Member

    Hey! 27 year old dude from the UK here.

    Not played seriously since mid - late 2000's on GC, Messed around in Dolphin alot though.

    I really wanna start a fresh char ( FOnew ) with some other people, or even just one other person and just grind through the game together !

    Like " as and when " or a routine kind of thing. i dont mind! but played together and not rushing ahead so much ( though i've killed 2 boomas already :O )

    Just be really cool to have a gaming buddy or group to play through again :)

    Please hit me up on Discord if you wanna organize/start something!

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  2. Garrus

    Garrus Member

    Welcome to the server! I’ve just started a new character so could level with you a bit, don’t mind grinding through for a while rather than rushing it.
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  3. WetNoodle

    WetNoodle Member

    Ya found me on Discord already so i'll just DM you there :D
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  4. amitwin

    amitwin Member

    Hope you enjoy your stay, I'm UK also and would be happy to start up a new character and help out sometime.
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  5. Koh

    Koh Member

    Howdy and welcome, hope to see you in game
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  6. Harborer of Hope

    Harborer of Hope That Others May Live! Staff Member

    Tropical! <3
    SQUEEeeeeee! *POUNCES and examines Noods-san carefully!* Cheers! Not only are you Old Guard Dreamcast...but Gamecube too! *blinks at your post with a fanged grin* Almost everyone who's popped up on our little tribe's shore are often wanting to play with just about Anyone...but YOU are looking forward to finding that ONE purrson who you can call Battle Buddy! Mew can't stop smiling because it almost sounds like a FOrce dating site looking for that special Someone who enjoys walking the Sunset fields of Ragol filled with wildlife, and Killing them! Well, hmmmm, you're starting off with an FO' class and they're EXTRA SQUISHY....Plenty of strong FOrces here that can break off and focus on honing you and your skills set, luv! Mew esp will keep an eye out for you and try to halp! <3. Looking forward to pouncing and playing wiff you too!~ Welcome Home! =3
  7. WetNoodle

    WetNoodle Member

    Thanks guys!

    Amit i noticed we traded the other day!

    totally can start another Char soon. I'm needing to make a HUcast one day,
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