My question is what in the idoit tools .ini file do I have to change to get him to connect with the new .exe it creates? Changing the login server and patch server IP address to my computer static IP causes it not to work on both my comp and still of course not work on his.


By changing the servers IP I've managed to get him on the server he can now connect to the lobby along with me without issue.


Joining a game with me crashes his game which causes mine to crash. Any ideas as to what might cause this? I'm currently copying over my files to his computer to see if its an issue with the install. Which did nothing still encountering the same crash, its after creating a group when trying to connect to the acutal game. So much editing to this post, ok we've figured out that the crash is being caused by him playing a Ramarl (crashes under my account as well) Already dld the files fresh to check and it dosnt help. any ideas on how to fix?


I ran into a similar issue and it's because I accidentally used the example patches into the asmpatch_example.txt file, just keep this filename as "asmpatch_example" instead of "asmpatch" so it wont apply the random patch modifications to your client which are causing the Ramarls to crash.

Then rebuild your client as usual with the other parameters in the INI and the crash should be gone (・∀・)ノ

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