Crashing after last update


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When I go to launch the game from the launcher I get an error message saying "Could not load library:MSVCR120.dll. Is there something I'm doing wrong? :p I uninstalled reinstalled and still got the same thing.
The game had a bit of a wobbly and wouldn't run for me after installing the patch first time round after HUD fix.

Have you tried running psobb.exe again and hitting patch download?


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OK, I fixed the patch on the patch server... but since you can't launch the game, you can't get back in probably.

Download this file

Take the two files inside of it and put them in your Ephinea PSO folder, overwriting the existing PsoBB.exe and PsoBB.pat


Last name Ever, First name Worst
Hey just looking through my old posts and noticed I never gave a proper "thank you" So props to you Sodaboy for resolving my past issue so quickly! <3
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