Crashes or freezes when logging in/joining rooms


Retired Game Mechanic Novelist
Recently my internet has some problems so in its absence I'm using my phone as my AP, but for some reason it is really hard to get into a game with that.

Two of the problems that still frequently happen: (1) After connecting to the patch server and pressing enter, the character selection screen doesn't appear after a fairly long wait, (2) on joining a room, game freezes when bursting is about to end (judging by time).

Other than these two, it also crash in many places sometimes, like after selecting a character, after selecting a ship, etc.

Would really like some help!


Retired Game Mechanic Novelist
Signal seems decent; webpages loads fine, etc. I'm not sure how to test for that though.


Yes, it's a known bug with the server software that leads to frequent error 916 and random crashes/freezes usually only on « poorer » Internet connections. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Internet speed, so testing this will not help resolve these issues. Just saying this so you don't waste too much time on this. Only way to get rid of this is to fix the root cause of the issues which is in the server code. You might be better off waiting until your main Internet connection is up and running again.