Configuring Xpadder with PSOBB


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Hi everyone,

I'm hoping that someone is able to help me out with a frustrating controller setup problem.

I'm looking to assign all standard actions and all 10 hotkeys to an XBOX ONE controller using Xpadder. I'm finding this near to impossible to do. Could any of you help me with this?

Thanks for any help!

P.S I put this into the wrong forum first time. Sorry about that!


I just had a lot of issues with this last week. Got it all figured out. They had a big discussion about it in this thread:

And this is how @falkenjeff did it which I found very useful:

I have these buttons specifically mapped on my X-Box 360 controller with joy2key:

up: 1
right: 2
down: 3
left: 4
RT+up: 5
RT+right: 6
RT+down: 7
RT+left: 8
LT: 9
back: 0
start: F12 (menu)
RB+start: F2 (equip)
RT+start: enter (for lazy game creation with gamepad)
Left Joystick press-in button: a (for breaking out of ice fast)
Right Joystick press-in button: d (for breaking out of ice fast)
RB + up/right/down/left = unmapped (so I can hold RB to break out of ice without triggering my number bar by accident)

Everything else is mapped like normal (I got "back" and "start" unmapped so I could use joy2key by using an external program to set them to nonexistant buttons 14 and 15 - xbox controller only goes up to button 10)

I also use Tofuman's palette manager to map multiple palettes (and run 2 instances of it for a total of 8 palettes):

RB+D-pad-up: L-shift+1
RB+D-pad-right: L-shift+2
RB+D-pad-down: L-shift+3
RB+D-pad-left: L-shift+4
RT+D-pad-up: R-shift+1
RT+D-pad-right: R-shift+2
RT+D-pad-down: R-shift+3
RT+D-pad-left: R-shift+4

I chose "shift" as the key for palette manager because shift+number doesn't trigger the number bar in game.

I also use the second row for the number bar, since I use palette manager. My 0 key (back button) is moon atomizer on all characters, and my RB+0 key is ryuker. And then I use RB+5678 (RB+RT+up/right/down/left) to map extra keys if needed. I don't use RB+1234 because that would conflict with my "breaking out of ice" strat. I also don't remap 9 (LT) because it's my panic resta button.

I have also modified my joystick deadzones in joy2key to 45%, so I only press the wrong direction if I'm REALLY not paying attention. It's actually pretty easy, even when I'm using it to cast techs on a FO.

I didn't map my buttons exactly like him but similar. I used Right stick for 1-4, then LTrigger+Right Stick for 5-8, then LSButton for 9 and RSButton for 0. I also modified some of the in game default gampad controls. (I can be more detailed if you need). Then since I had more options, I mapped Rtrigger + Right stick to some of my favorite dance moves! (Alt+A, etc)

The biggest road block is figuring out how to tell xpadder to make holding a trigger toggle to a new pallette in xpadder. I can help with that if you can't figure it out.

Mind you, with Xpadder we can not use the center Xbox button, at least not with a 360 controller. Actually I think I did read somewhere you can map that with the XBONE controller. If you need more help just ask!
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What a reply! Thank you very much for the help. I've had a good go at the control scheme and I've managed to get my head around all but 2 things:-

1. How do you get Xpadder to override the pad or keyboard controls from within the game. I've tried using the pad option in-game but I can't get the Xpadder set keys to work. Do I need specific things to be turned off in order to use this properly?

2. If you could explain that trigger toggle, that would be great!

As soon as I've got this sorted, I'll be pretty much occupied on PSO until the robot overlords have me shot :D

Take care


As far as I know you can entirely disable the PSO pad controls by turning the game on BEFORE you plug in your controller.

I use the PSO pad controls and then xpad map what PSO doesnt use.

If xpad isnt working while PSO is on, make sure you run xpadder as admin, I had that issue as well.

I can explain the trigger toggle later on when I am looking at Xpadder. I am at work now XD


Okay so you click on the button you want to map (in this case the trigger) then it brings up a digital keyboard. Click advanced in he lower right hand corner. Then the last option on the left should be Set Selector. Click this. Then Change the drop down menu to "Set 2 While Held". You can do it on the other trigger as well and say "Set 3 While Held". Set 2 or 3 or whatever correspond to the palette or "set" numbers under the picture of the controller on the main screen.

Hope this helps!


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Xpadder is such a great program to emulate your controller for PC. I have been using it several years in past. I use PS4 controller using the InputMapper program. Haven't failed me and works great.


I'll have to check out some of these suggestions. I use a ps4 controller and have been trying to bind the hotbar to it but no luck so far.

Also just curious but has anyone here tried playing a force character with a arcade stick? I have one laying around and a unused FOney, thought it could make for an interesting combination


I also thought about that, but thinking about it more carefully, the 8 buttons may not be enough.

I think it's worth the try anyway. Maybe you can do a yoga fire.


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I also thought about that, but thinking about it more carefully, the 8 buttons may not be enough.

I think it's worth the try anyway. Maybe you can do a yoga fire.

Nice thread res friendo!