common.pac "sounds" mod, by Heihachi


Uploaded/created by user "Heihachi" from the old SCHT forums, i've had this hanging around on my laptop and decided to share it.

I can't really say what all sounds are changed exept for little things like the beeps when navigating menu/selecting things, and the VERY satisfying "ca-click-BOOM!" when using shot type weapons. (imo the modded shot sound alone is reason to use it, lol)

Anyways, when first downloading this file, i remember reading Heihachi encouraging potential users to discover the modded sounds for themselves!!

another thing: im 99% sure the guy's name was Heihachi. if someone else remembers otherwise, pls correct me by all means!

How to install:
Navigate to EphineaPSO\data\sound
overwrite the old common.pac
simple as that.

Thanks Soda for allowing me to upload this here because i had thought i lost it forever when i re-installed ephinea pso, but i found the common.pac in my pso eden file.. LOL


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