Commander Blade


"This blade signifies great leadership and teamwork."
When equipped in a game with other Team Members, all members gain +20 ATA.

I had this equipped with a team member in my game and they didn't gain +20 ATA.

Harborer of Hope

That Others May Live!
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Awwww? The fact that NDW-taichou finally HAS his coveted Cmds' Blade is Enuff for his mew mew to be Happeh! f$@# the +20 ATA!....W..Wait... we get a +20 ATA????? XD!!


Since the beginning of the report (6 months ago) and currently, the Trap Vision special has worked, but not the ATA bonus.

My research in the past, if I remember correctly, has shown that it was an ATA bonus that isn't base ATA. So, it would be added to total ATA.