#1 Team Rankings, POD unlocked, Team member limit 40 unlocked, Dressing room unlocked.

We're a team that works together to help each other get better gear and have fun while playing together. We basically share drops with those who have earned the right to receive them. Our goal is to make sure everyone is helping each other out and to forget about selfishness. Most of our teammates are currently above level 110 to 180+. A few select of us like to TA while some are not exactly fond of it/doesn't fit their play style which is fine. We don't discriminate if you have classes that others may see as inferior. We like to give criticism on play style at times but don't take offense to it when we do. It's just to help point out some flaws or minor errors that can make our run's more efficient since we do a lot of quests together. We've already done 218 POD's together as a team and have done a bunch of RT's and TTF's.

We respect each other and don't talk shit about each other. Understand that if we're busy with something we're busy with something. Don't be pushy or annoying. We don't associate with hackers/dupers/douchebags. (It's frowned upon to interfere with them.) If possible try to turn your junk rares into team points, it's really not too much to ask for. We're a team so try not to exclude yourself out of runs unless there is not enough space available or if you're solo hunting. Feel free to ask for help, but don't pester people to help you if it's something that can be done easily. Don't be afraid to ask for help though.

#1. Don't act like a "troll" or "douchebag" to other teammates. If people are screwing up in some kind of way let them know but don't sound like a dick or make it sound offensive. If it's that bad keep it to yourself I guess. lol
#2 Level requirement to join is 80+ now unless special exceptions. Prefer 110+ players since we do a lot of EP4 together.
#3. If you have been associated with hackers/ have had any sort of hacking history you're not allowed to join the team.

#4. People that hunt a lot with the team get the right to be next in line for weapons like (Lame D'Argent), and (Heaven Striker), All useful items, etc. We will help you find it, if you help us find it. No handouts, you want it? You work for it. There is a waiting list the people who have had the most exposure to hunting the weapon. If you or someone else picks it up the person who has been hunting for it still gets it. It's not fair if someone has done 50 runs and the other person does 1 and then gets it. We share on the team. If you want a favor, you owe the favor back until they get it. No getting the item and stopping because you got the item. You will be left out of group activities and possibly kicked off the team.

#5. If you ran solo a lot and found it on your own. You will still have a chance to get the weapon/item with the team that you were looking for as long as you were participating with everyone. Don't expect to get anything if you don't run with the team at all though.

#6. If you have a good weapon/item like lame/excal, etc and you find one with hit you get to keep it but give your other bad percent one away to the person who needs it on the team. If everyone on the team has an excal then you're allowed to keep it for yourself. But if you get/have 3 and everyone has 1 then just give it away to someone who has only 1 so that they have 2. If you solo hunted one with no help but still participate then that's fine if you have 3.

Natural 170+ Roo 170+ Wigga 180+ Irish 118, BLIND 155+ Lottie 150+, cklord 135+ Yuna 130+ Zoe 130+ , Fizznips 100, X 110, Thunda 100, Skylar 185, Ruvelia 120, Jaxon 128+ Aeris 123+ Dexx 119, Gravsuit 120, Sun 170, Paranormal 115+.

Looking for dedicated forces.
Currently have about 24 people on the team.


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natu said:
#15. If you have been associated with hackers/ have had hacking history you're not aloud to join the team.

Just wondering, does this mean, you'd have to join silently then? *BA DUM TSS*