Cheesing School Assigments Stories


The Womanizer Paladin
I'm doing a report and I made this thread to find a way to cheese a report on a composer I have due to me being a lazy bastard. Also because I want to hear some stories on how you guys cheesed school assignments whether they're funny or somehow sad. If I shouldn't post this due to it being against the rules then I'm sorry as I'm a idiot time to time as you can see with me wanting to cheese this report.


If it is math, go to purplemath.
Do coursework as soon as you can, be proactive and never ever stress over building products at the last hour.
When assignments are given, take an interest in understanding the requirements and ALWAYS try to shape the assignment to fit the person you work best pretending to be.
An example of this you ask? I wrote about Sir Mix-A-Lot, specifically the video for "Baby Got Back" arguing that it influenced our modern cultural views of desirable female body proportions.


Pretty much any assignment in high school or college that involved reading a book. One year in high school I remember having to read both Fathers and Sons and Pride and Prejudice over the summer. I got through Fathers and Sons like a week before school started, but I just couldn't handle Pride and Prejudice because it was so boring. We had to do in-class timed essays for both books and the prompt asked us to reference the text. So for Pride and Prejudice I literally wrote my entire essay about the significance of the summary of the book that was on the back cover, and iirc I got a really good grade on it (better than any of the essays I wrote for books I actually read).