Burning Ranger!! \o


~ Omni ~
Welcome to my introduction page!!

Hello, everyone!
I'm Omni, and hopefully we've already met in-game. If not, let's hangout sometime! :D


They say I was a pillar in another life.

I live in the US (EST), and I work third shift. If you live close to me, you can usually find me in-game late at night.
Feel free to message me if you see me online. I don't bite, I promise!!

PSO has been part of my life since the Dreamcast days. Though, it really kicked into gear when the Xbox version came out. I've spent countless hours hanging out with people, finding crazy things to do. Sadly, I didn't have much of an established online identity back then, so the people I knew disappeared when my Xbox Live subscription was dropped. I'm hoping to meet new friends here.

My other hobbies include rhythm games, J-RPGs, programming, and music! My favorite rhythm game of all time would have to be Pop'n Music. I have a huge backlog of J-RPGs on Steam and the Nintendo3DS. Other platforms are starting to come into play as well, and it's scaring me.
When will I ever play all of these games?!?

Oh yeah, I'm an Ephinea GameMaster and a forum moderator. If you ever need assistance from a staff member, please send me a message!

Hope to see you soon!!


Staff member
Looks like you're hacking in that first picture. I'm going to say that warrants a ban. GOODBYE.

Just kidding. Welcome! Even though you and I already talked, thanks for introducing yourself to all the others! :)