I'm Vaeta, your average RAcaseal who is in love with pumpkins!

I am leader of team
BrightShadow and I would love to be able to induct more people into my family. There are no requirements to join the team, and one can leave whenever they please, it's not a set in stone commitment.

I am currently working on getting the Dressing Room, and after that the team flag, which will be of Super Mario Galaxy's very own Jack O' Goomba, minus the feet. The flag is not up for discussion... Unless you find a picture of a pumpkin that I love even more, then we'll talk. I have claimed Lobby 8 as out team lobby, why? Because
pumpkins are orange and the Oran lobby is perfect for being all orange!

The majority of the current members of team
BrightShadow are friends I know from a previous PSOBB server, or friends I met on other games who I wrangled into joining the PSOBB community!

Feel free to message me on the forums or talk to me while I'm running around, mag feeding, or being a lobby whore.

May the
Pumpkins ever be in your favor!