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Hello, welcome to my shop! I hope you find something you like~

Ranger Stuff:
Final Impact 0/0/0/0|0
Meteor Smash 0/0/5/15|0
Charge Arms 0/0/45/0|15
Varista 15/0/0/0|0
Photon Launcher 0/0/0/0|0
Guilty Light 0/0/0/40|20

Force Stuff:

Club of Laconium x4
Mace of Adaman x5
Fire Scepter: Agni x3
Ice Staff: Dagon x2
Storm Wand: Indra x6
Caduceus x2
Mahu x2
Glide Divine
Earth Wand: Brownie 0/0/20/0|15

Hunter Stuff:
Silence Claw 0/20/0/0|20
Stag Cutlery 0/15/0/0|0
Yamato 0/10/20/0|0
DB's Saber AUW 3073 25/0/25/10|0
DB's Saber AUW 3073 0/10/0/0|0
Kaladbolg 10/0/0/0|0
Brionac 0/20/0/0|0
Vjaya 0/0/0/0|0
Angry Fist 0/15/0/5|0

Dress Plate
Proto Regene Gear
DB's Shield
Regenerate Gear B.P.
Regenerate Gear B.P.
Secret Gear
General Armor Lv.55 4 Slot
Light Relief
Lieutenant Mantle


Heavenly/Luck x2
Yasakani Magatama
Deband 28
Barta 29
Resta 30
Scape Doll x31
S-beat's Arms
S-red's Arms
Hildebear's Head x3
Grass Assassin's Arms x4
Booma's Right Arm x2
Gobooma's Right Arm x3
Gigobooma's Right Arm x2
Rappy's Wing
Dragon's Claw
Amplifier of Deband
Amplifier of Foie
Amplifier of Yellow
Amplifier of Gibarta
Amplifier of Barta
Disk Vol.8 "Heart to Heart"
Disk Vol.10 "Reunion System" x2
Disk Vol.12 "Fight inside the Spaceship"
magic rock "Moola"

Monogrinder x52
Digrinder x21
Trigrinder x10
Power Material x33
Mind Material x42
Evade Material x46
HP Material x6
Def Material x50
Luck Material x1
Photon Drop x23
Lollipop 0/0/0/0|0
Samba Maracas
Lavis Cannon 15/10/0/10|0
Three Seals
*This is stuff I don't plan to sell for solely PDs/PCs since I'd like to save them for either personal use or other items on my want list or buying threads. If you want something here, please offer an item on my want list or buying threads~


If you're interested in anything, just ask or leave an offer.
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