Best Doujin Fighting Game Ever!!



That game you can do infinite combos on. It's a real game for pc. It is a doujin game, but it doesn't mean the game sucks. Most people think because doujin games are independent Japanese games that they are going to be some kind of sample game or unfinished game. This game is indeed finished and they worked on this game for a long time. Version 4.0 is the best by far. You can play through internet connection or play by yourself. You'll need an IP internet address from the other person to connect to them. I have a tier list, but it's been awhile since I thought up the tier list. I thought it up by what characters had the best movements and combos. In most games, any character that can use projectiles or move quickly from side to side will never be a low tier character. Usually the easiest to use characters are the lowest tier characters. In my tier list, Ashley is a top tier character and up there with another good projectile user. I don't just base it on projectiles. Not all projectile characters are high tier characters. We learned that from watching link on super smash bros that just because a character has projectiles doesn't make them a top tier character.

This is not my gameplay. It's just a basic combo video that someone made. The video itself is decent, but this person doesn't have mad skill and these combos are barely even a quarter of the size of the ones I pulled off. I remember pulling off a combo that was over 100 and something hits and never used a single special to achieve that combo. It was all consecutive hits.

It would be nice to eventually get some online tournaments going in the future. I know where you can get the game though the website is in all Japanese, though I can help you on which link to download from. You can get the game for free on there. I happen to be a huge fan of doujin games and an even bigger fan of Visual Novels. I own tons and tons of visual novels. They are all real ones. Someone tried to show me a visual novel one time and it was from a fan site -_-* those aren't real visual novels! It's not the same! Just like Code Lyoko and Wakfu isn't an anime! Those are both made in France! I own all of code lyoko, I know what I'm talking about.

Anyways, if you need help on which character would be best to start out with, I can help on that. If you want to start a tournament, we can have a list of players and ranks. The name of this game is Hinokakera Chaotic Eclipse. You want the newest version. There's also an English patch on the site that you'll need. You can pull off over 100 and something hit combos easily without using a single special. It takes a lot of practice to get good at it though. But, after a couple days of combos with one character, you'll hit that 100 hit mark.

Anyways, I did not make this video, but this makes a good presentation. Although I would have made the combos bigger to draw more people in. This person still put it together well enough.