Benefits of quests?

I haven't played in 6+ years so I'm a little rusty. But is there an overall point to doing the quests in PSO? From what I remember back when I played, besides TTF, I avoided doing any of the other quests because it just didn't seem like anyone else was doing them either. Usually I'll just go through the levels w/o even doing quests just to farm EXP, or join in a TTF if I'm the right level.

Should I be doing quests over just running through the areas normally? Do they unlock anything in particular or have any item drops? If there's a guide or anything that explains it more in detail I'd love to find t.
Completing the One Person Mode quests allows you to get the full story of PSO, including the government quests. It also allows you to convert enemy parts into weapons. Also, the other quests provide their own unique game play so you get to try something more then just monster spam. My favorite "alternative" quest is Gallon's Treachery.

Aleron Ives

Quests have more enemies than freeplay and often have uncommon enemies at higher frequencies than freeplay, so you often get more chances to find specific rare drops if you play the right quests.


also certain quests are the only way to obtain certain weapons and items and every government quest that pits you against the boss at the end except for falz/flow/ep4 boss your rewards vary from common weapons that are 1-2 tiers stronger than what can be found on that hardness to certain rare weapons with hit depending on the difficulty of the room however the NPC that hands those rewards out do so on first come first serve basis so keep that in mind if you after certain rares from those gov quests..