Bazzar De'Butt


Lord of Butts
Howdy. Opening up my bank again to see if there's anything others want. I find myself needing PD's like anyone else.
Lower tier stuff is mostly for new people, just ask if there's something you want.
Offer for anything not marked with a price!

PM here or Rythe#1993 on discord.

1:1 PD - prefered
2:1 Luck
8:1 HP
3:1 TP
Don't need/want other mats at the moment, sorry!
1.5:1 Gold Anni Badge
14:1 Silver Anni Badge

Past that, offer, we'll work something out.

Wants - In order of desire notnecessarilyabilitytobuy
Canon Rouge
lv29 techs; Rafoie
Frozen Shooter [x/x/0/x|15+]
Amp. of Red
Amp. of Blue
Amp. of Gizonde
Prophets of Motav

Gladius [Hell] [0/0/0/0|30]
Gladius [Mind] [0/5/0/0|40]
Gladius +5 [Berserk] [0/0/20/0|30]
Calibur [Chaos] [10/0/0/0|30]
Edge [Charge] [0/0/0/0|40]
Bloody Art [Devil's] [0/15/0/15|0]
Berdys +5 [Hold] [10/0/0/0|40]
Berdys +5 [Hold] [10/0/0/0|40]
Berdys +5 [Hold] [10/0/0/0|40]
Brionac +15 [Soul] [20/0/0/0|0]
Brionac [Soul] [20/0/40/0|0]
Vjaya [Charge] [0/20/0/0|0]
Diska of Braveman [Berserk] [20/0/0/0|0]
Diska of Braveman [Berserk] [0/0/5/0|0]
Railgun +2 [Spirit] [0/0/0/20|35]
Raygun [Charge] [0/0/35/0|30]
Raygun +4 [Burning] [0/0/0/0|55]
Varista [Seize] [35/0/40/0|0]
Varista [Seize] [0/30/40/0|0]
Varista [Seize] [0/20/0/0|0]
Custom Ray ver.OO [Flame] [15/0/30/0|0]
Bravace [Storm] [20/20/0/0|0]
Gatling +1 [Charge] [0/15/0/0|25]
M&A60 Vise [Berserk] [0/15/0/0|0]
M&A60 Vise [Berserk] [0/25/30/0|0]
H&S25 Justice [Freeze] [15/15/0/15|0]
L&K14 Combat [Seize] [0/0/40/0|0]
Crush Bullet +25 [Fill] [0/0/0/0|0]
Crush Bullet [Fill] [0/35/50/0|0]
Meteor Smash +25 [Soul] [0/0/20/0|0]
Club of Laconium [Flame] [0/0/0/0|0]
Mace of Adaman [Freeze] [0/0/5/0|0]
Mace of Adaman [Freeze] [15/0/0/0|0]
Double Saber [Mind] [30/0/0/0|0]
Inferno Bazooka [Devil's] [40/20/0/0|0]
Technical Crozier [0/0/0/0|0]
Imperial Pick [Devil's] [0/0/0/0|30]
Hildebear's Cane [Flame] [0/0/0/0|0]
Yamato [Blizzard] [0/15/40/0|0]
Yamato [Blizzard] [0/0/0/30|0]
Photon Launcher [Hold] [0/0/15/0|0]
Guilty Light [Blizzard] [0/0/0/30|0]
Talis [Mind] [0/15/0/0|0]
DB's Saber (3073) [0/35/10/0|0]
DB's Saber (3073) [15/0/20/0|0]
Guardianna [Spirit] [50/15/0/15|0]
Skyly Card [0/0/0/0|0] - Reserved
Booma's Claw [0/0/0/0|0]
Booma's Claw [0/0/0/0|0]
Guren [Burning] [0/0/0/0|0]

Hyper Frame [0/4 | 0/2] [4S]
Hyper Frame [3/4 | 1/2] [4S]
Hyper Frame [4/4 | 1/2] [4S]
King's Frame [0/4 | 0/2] [4S]
Dragon Frame [0/4 | 0/2] [4S]
Absorb Armor [1/4 | 2/2] [4S]
Absorb Armor [1/4 | 0/2] [4S]
Absorb Armor [4/4 | 0/2] [4S]
Protect Frame [3/4 | 2/2] [4S]
Protect Frame [0/4 | 0/2] [4S]
General Armor [0/4 | 0/2] [4S]
Valiant Frame [0/4 | 0/2] [4S]
Valiant Frame [0/4 | 0/2] [4S]
Valiant Frame [0/4 | 0/2] [4S]
Valiant Frame [3/4 | 1/2] [4S]
Imperial Armor [4/4 | 0/2] [4S]
Imperial Armor [4/4 | 0/2] [4S]
Imperial Armor [4/4 | 0/2] [4S]
Guardian Armor [3/4 | 0/2] [4S]

Spirit Garment [0/7 | 2/5] [0S]
Stink Frame [44/85 | 29/85] [0S]
Proto Regene Gear [6/7 | 1/7]
Blue Barrier [3/5 | 1/5]


Mag [Orange]
Mag [White]
Mag [Grey]
Mag [Grey]
Mag [White]
Mag [Black]
Mag [Pink]
Mag [White]
Mag [Olive]
Mag [Purple]
Mag [Grey]
Mag [Black]
Mag [Cyan]
Mag [Olive]
Mag [Black]
Mag [White]

Kama [Pink] [14/57/4] [P|F|G] (No idea what I was doing with this but if it'll work for someone?)

Misc. Techs
Reverser Lv1
Reverser Lv1
Reverser Lv1
Anti Lv3
Anti Lv3
Anti Lv3
Anti Lv4
Anti Lv4
Anti Lv5
Anti Lv5
Rafoie Lv15
Barta Lv15
Razonde Lv15
Grants Lv15
Deband Lv15
Resta Lv15
Resta Lv15
Rafoie Lv15
Razonde Lv20
Gifoie Lv24
Gifoie Lv25
Gibarta Lv25
Deband Lv25
Deband Lv25
Foie Lv25
Resta Lv26
Resta Lv27
Barta Lv27
Gifoie Lv28
Resta Lv29
Zonde Lv29 - 1pd

Mobs parts
None, with the event and all!

Misc. Stuff
Evade Material x48
Def Material x88
Luck Material x6
Parts of Egg Blaster x1
Amplifier of Anti x1
Amplifier of Foie x3
Amplifier of Barta x1
Amplifier of Gibarta x1
Event Egg x1

Music disks? (Does anyone even buy these?)
Disk Vol.1 "Wedding March" x1
Disk Vol.2 "Day Light" x3
Disk Vol.3 "Burning Rangers" x4
Disk Vol.4 "Open Your Heart" x2
Disk Vol.5 "Live & Learn" x2
Disk Vol.6 "NiGHTS" x4
Disk Vol.7 "Ending Theme (Piano ver.)" x3
Disk Vol.8 "Heart to Heart" x1
Disk Vol.9 "Strange Blue" x3
Disk Vol.10 "Reunion System" x3
Disk Vol.12 "Fight inside the Spaceship" x4
Disk Vol.13 "Get It Up" x4
Disk Vol.14 "Flight" x4
Disk Vol.15 "Space Harrier" x1
Disk Vol.16 "Deathwatch" x2
Disk Vol.18 "Puyo Puyo" x2
Disk Vol.19 "Rhythm And Balance" x2
Disk Vol.20 "The Party Must Go On" x4
Disk Vol.21 "Armada Battle" x1
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