B> Scape Dolls (Hardcore)


Hi, so I'm new to the server and I'm having a blast on hardcore. But I just died for my first time at level 64, and it really hit me that I might not have enough scape dolls. I lost 1 out of my 4 so far, and I figured I'd need more. But since this is hardcore, I imagine scape dolls sell for an astronomically high price in terms of what you would need to trade to get one.

And I've only been playing less than a week, so here's what I got to trade.

Photon Drop x1
Def Material x7
HP Material x2
Evade Material x5
Mind Material x1
Power Material x3
Trigrinder x4
Digrinder x4
Monogrinder x12
God/Arm x2 (probably worth less than dirt, but I figured I'd throw it in there anyways)

So, uh, yeah. Sorry for my noob requests, can't really be helped since I'm fresh to the server. Thanks in advance!