Another way to save ID and Pass or fix that "cannot change resolution."


So I got a ... HP Stream 7. Yes, it's pretty cool that I can play PSOBB on the go.

What I am trying to do is enable Save ID and Password so I don't have to type it in again. But, it will not allow me because I need to pick a resolution but, it's blank. I have tried what the FAQ has suggested (Compat. Windows XP service 2, and run as admin, on both online.exe and option.exe) and it still doesn't work. I even have tried to disable the graphics driver to see if it'll show up, still nothing.

Any ideas? I mean all I wanted was to have Save ID and Pass enabled. That's it.

Please and thanks.


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That should pop up the resolutions in the original options.
If that still doesn't work then it might be a problem regarding to graphics (someone had an issue with his GPU and the original resolution options not appearing)


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It can occur on laptops with 2 video adapters. Plugging in an external monitor would then enable you to select a resolution. But running install.reg defaults the options to 640x480 so should enable you to check the save password box also.


Well.. that sucks...
Do this:
Open install.reg in a text editor.
Look for the line "ACCOUNT_CHECK"=dword:00000000
Change it to "ACCOUNT_CHECK"=dword:00000001

Save and run the file again.
It should save the id/pass now.


Thank you. It worked. Now I gotta get some Bluetooth controller and keyboard cause the battery life on this thing is questionable.