Another approach at remastering textures using Stable Diffusion


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This time instead of just upscaling textures using A.I algorythms, i wanted to try and remake an image from scratch using Stable Diffusion 2, and so far i'm amazed at the potential and wanted to share it with you :wacko:.

For this 10min experiment i fed the I.A the surface of Ragol, and specified i wanted a "realistic" satellite view version of it. I had varied results depending on the generations but overall it was really surprising to see how close it was to the idea i originally had in my head while only specifying 3 or 4 words to the A.I.

Fun fact, since Ragol is based on a modified version of our planet, Stable Diffusion tends to rectify some territories. I could have specified that it should resemble more the original image if i took more time and generations.

Texture 95.pngpso133220664060214559.png
ragol 1-gigapixel.pngpsobb 2023-02-28 14-52-53.png

I still upscaled it to 2048x2048 using gigapixel A.I but it already looked nice in 1024.

While i find a bit scary to think that we're living in the age of A.Is, with more time and practice, i think this may become a great tool for remastering video games.
Anyway, what do you guys think?
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Haha here's a Stable Diffusion (v1) attempt.




Argh forgot to make it tiled/seamless !

Another go with different settings... this time I ticked the "Tiled" checkmark but it is horizontally AND vertically tiled...

00000-1540257495-thin clouds_c.png
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Here's another try.
EP4 Crater route skybox texture always bothered me, it looks very outdated to say the least and upscaling wouldn't do well.
Texture 1.png

Using this image to guide Stable Diffusion, i ended up getting this:

I then re-centered it a bit and made it seamless in photoshop.
psobb 2023-03-17 11-53-26.png
psobb 2023-03-17 11-59-52.png
Ragol must have some big trees.... but the Crater one is impressive. Could you give the Spaceship background a swing?