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    I've been playing on the server a few days now and thought I'd introduce myself here! Right now my main is 'Reisha' the FOnewearl but will surely be making some alts eventually.

    MY PSO history is as follows:
    -Gamecube solo/splitscreen with the homies way back in the day
    -original BB online thereafter
    -Schtack once the BB servers were taken down
    -Ultima many years after that, probably 2016/17
    -Ephinea now!

    I got back in touch with a childhood friend of mine (splitscreen PSO friend!) recently to see if he'd be playing PSO 2, and we both ended up here instead. Super excited to be getting back into it. See y'all around and happy hunting!
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    Tropical! <3
    SQUEEeeeeee! Rei-saaaaan~! Glad to see you made it to the forums dear! VERY Happy to hear YOU and your Battle buddy are Content and decided to become residents~! Think mew mew had already pounced and told you this buuuut...in case she didn't... Welcome Home! =3

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