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  1. halfwayokay

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    I’ve been meaning to check out Ephinea for a while now.

    I was a Dreamcast Episode I player so there is a TON of stuff I’ve never experienced!

    If there are any others just starting out lemme know! I’d love to team up!
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  2. Harborer of Hope

    Harborer of Hope That Others May Live! Staff Member

    Tropical! <3
    Eeeeeeeee!!! ANOTHER Old Guard Dreamcaster returning to the fray! Ohhhhhh yeah... a LOT visually at least had changed since our Sega release Dreamcast days dear. No worries tho...its a lot like riding/falling off a bike...you'll get your mojo flowing again the moment you start swinging your saber...or firing your handgun....u'll see! <3! If you ever feel the need to torture yourself with nostalgia.... visit lobby 11 or 12! XD! Those are the old Dreamcast lobbies. =3 Looking forward to pouncing and playing wiff you wayokay-san! Welcome Home! =3
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  3. Kim Jong Tsun

    Kim Jong Tsun Giant Tales Fanboy

    Hey there. I’m fairly new here myself. I was a Gamecube player back in the day so I’ve at least seen Ep 2 before. Anyways welcome, if you see a party named either Tsun or Edna or a FOnewearl or RAcaseal of those names respectively it’s probably me, feel free to join up or say hi.
  4. nemo

    nemo no

    hey, i used to play v1 just like you back in the day. i'm probably way out of your level range if you're looking to really experience the content you missed out on but if you see me in the lobby feel free to ask me for help with anything or just say hi.

    have fun and good luck out there
  5. Spuz

    Spuz Without rain, nothing grows.

    Guildcard 2:
    Welcome back !
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