Account password recovery(solved)


Maverick Hunter

Returning from a few months hiatus, my server login password is no longer saved on my system.

Can't seem to remember it. In retrospect, the client saving my password was a blessing and a curse because it made me lazy >.> . Over the course of a week, I've sent multiple password recovery emails via:

(which were sucessful)with no apparent result. It's an outlook email, and I've done the obvious like give it time and check spam folders, but it just seems like it doesn't want to reach me. I have received emails from ephinea before with the very same email in the past.

Any help or advice besides the obvious 'don't be a baddie and forget your password' would be greatly appreciated!
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You may also want to "start a conversation" (this board's version of sending a Private Message) to one of the staff Members if you can't get in touch with them via this post

To do this:
  1. Click on "Members" and it will show a list of notable members
  2. The first members in this list should be staff members. You will know by clicking on their name and it should say "Staff Member" in the profile.
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I understand people are busy(and technical support forums are arguably the least exciting) so I don't mind giving people time to see the post but if I don't end up getting any bites today I'll definitely start bugging them!

Thanks Blues!!
I have since messages Admin no reply... i just need a password reset token. ive gotten them before.