Accidental modsecID Used



I'm sorry to be a pain, but I honestly had no idea that the modsecid function had been changed until this morning.

I changed my sec ID a little while ago accidentally.

I wasn't sure if my three months was done, I wasn't sure but didn't think it had been three months but I was able to change the ID.

I thought it was weird but didn't think anything of it because I'd lost track of the three months and figured I could just change again in another three months.

I found out this morning about the change.

Would it be at all possible to be changed to Viridia as my last change?

I was just testing with Redria but was surprised to see the change happen.

There was no timer that I knew of so I was just checking.

Pretty dumb in hindsight but I thought I could just wait another 3 months to change if needed.

Thank you very much!

My character in the GC game was a Viridia, even though the drops were mostly ranger based but that's what I got with my name.
*Digs a Foxhole and puts on a helmet!* Yyyyyyeah....there's still a bit of Angst within the community about the whole /modsecid change. But, we're growing out of it and adapting.........slowly. *Hides collection of confiscated Torches and Pitchforks* ....... X'D!