... A tale of guardians...

NYT Raven

Some of you may know/remember me from my countless pod runs early on in this servers infancy... jus mindlessly grinding my way towards a heaven striker until eventually... dun dun dun spoiler my RAcast collapsed!! Never getting that BA gun >_< . After months & months of rest n recuperation my inner fire, that warrior spirit was reignited in the form of two of my best buds making one of my dreams come true! They announced their return 2 PSO the game that bonded us all those years ago

. As we frantically rush countless ttfs we finally achieved ULTIMATE MODE, a guardians dream! Although very skilled and knowledgeable my companions are, they are still doomed by the lack of weapons in their arsenal. My 176 RAcast will be working overtime 2 assure we all make it back to pioneer safely, fortunately the legendary DABS joined 2 help on this historic moment in pso ephinea, the moment 2 olde GC pso players START and COMPLETE their very first ulti ttf on the server.

Estatic after our first successful clear of Towards the Future... We ** cecil 90ish/ zero 80ish/ dab 160ish /and myself NYT Raven 176** eagerly start the 2nd run. As expected the power from dabs n myself with the cunning distractions of cecil & zero seemed 2 much for any creature 2 bare! Boss after boss dies, room after room fills with items left behind from fallen foes. We approach the infamous dark falz fight!

Clutching our rifles and mates we charge the enormous boss know as falz, "1st form down" calls across teamchat... "2nd form down" as the thought of success starts 2 creep in our minds! The final form has come but suddenly im jolted 2 the ground...as I lay down clutching my gut from the excruciating pain of a powerful grants attack, I catch the most frightening glimpse... scanning the horizon i see the SOUL of my best bud being stolen before my eyes, in a panicked state we unleash all hell on earth! Bombarding falz with a hellish assortment of bullets, large flaming molten foies and thunderous zonde. A complete bloodlust inspired trance overwhelms us all! We begin demonically chanting " red ring... red... ring".... our chants flow through team chat getting even louder " red... ring ... red ... ring" we chant. BLAM #*!\%¥×₩ The killshot was delivered and a monstrous yell was released! Falz was dead! As the four of us start the journey back home...

... it catches all of our attention... A RED... BOX. Omg a red box. We all knew what this meant butt were still paralyzed by disbelief! It had finally happend. Thee first red ring of our careers. 1000s of hours slaying and protecting all led to this moment BUT whos is it?? Who got the best shield in the game *arguably*, who will now hold thee power of DARK FALZ!,!? It was ZERO!! the lil lvl 80 huney now possess the power of the ring... the red ring!!! Mwuhahah

Tl:Dr. .... dabs n I were rushing my irl best buds thru their FIRST ULTI TTFs and a fookin red ring dropped for mah lil llvl 80 bestbud. All the dang ult ttfs ive done and this fool gets it on his very first 2-3runs! Absolutely incredible :)