A.I. and PSOBB: What is the future imagined to be like, will you be a part of it?

egg yolk

Since a lot of oldies don't play anymore why doesn't Ephinea add them as AI controlled accounts?

I made an example of how this could be done using my own OC:

player1: Hello > AI egg yolk.
AI egg yolk: Hello > player1.

Word select could be used like above to initiate communication, then the AI player would respond via simple commands from player1 like "Join [Room Name]" or player1 could even mail the room password. I think it would be cool if the AI player also had a programmed Attitude (depending on the OC) where sometimes it wouldn't want to join the room and would run around the lobby and do emotes to taunt/greet other players. There could also be a period where the AI player AFKs (Photon Chair) and declines offers, "Just eating now, lets play soon", something like that or could say like "In Pso I find [rare item], [%] hit, Pso 2 sucks" to change up the discourse. Another part of the Attitude system would be custom symbol chats to reflect the OC and custom "show symbol chat" frequency based on recorded footage of the OC (ML Training).

Now I know this is a bit controversial and would stir up the casual meta a bit, but the AI players could have a feature where they ignore bad players, that way the bot remains a "good player" on the server since it's not engaging with the new players as much and also newbies won't be able to go with AI players all the time (vanilla server). The Attitude system would affect gameplay too, for instance, AI force player would heal only themselves, and the AI hunter would quit games (could say something like "Practice makes perfect/Keep practicing") if it was healed, this way AI players can join speed runs too and use PSO Stats.

The last feature I thought of would be the Friendship system, where if player1 establishes common ground with the AI player, then they give out their rares, e.g., share presents. I can imagine someone playing with an AI player in long TTF runs and at the end when AI player gets Red Ring, then the AI player goes "Come to town", "I don't need one" and drops Red Ring. I suppose if a AI player doesn't make many friends in game, it can use the Auction forum instead, might as well give them forum accounts.

To start off I think it would be cool to make some players from other servers like Ultima, Schthack, and Destiny, Since we don't see them anywhere.

I don't think it would be too big of a task considering how advanced Ephinea is, some players used to feed mags with AI already, so why not use AI players for gameplay as well? There are a lot of solo players in locked rooms so it would make the server/forum look more active too.

What do you think, when can we expect this feature? It's being worked on already?
Wow, an idea that's both thought-provoking and really easy to implement. Even with all the brilliant minds on the staff, none of us thought of anything quite this clever! We definitely haven't started work on something this cool just yet, but consider your suggestion accepted!
I can't tell if this is a serious suggestion

To my knowledge none of the automated mag feeders were AI powered.
I can't tell if this is a serious suggestion

To my knowledge none of the automated mag feeders were AI powered.
Ah yes, finally a way to torture AI Sit still for 3:30 and then hit like 5 or 6 buttons then try to simulate AFKing and doing something more productive until it's time to feed again.
How wonderful. When the bullies of PSO can't play, their A.I. bots can still belittle others.

At least two of the "Likes" you received were serious and actually want this.

Also, congratulations. This is the only April Fool's joke I can think of that actually made me feel bad / sad. (Other than someone putting a rubber band in my sandwich 20+ years ago.)
This post is obviously April Fool's bait

On a side note we could use AI to re-create optimus prime and code in the gamecube FSoD effect so you can loose all your characters again just like the good old days, or at least that's food for thought for the next april fools joke in-game.
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