A Gamecube player is here


I mostly play as a Ranger, although I did have a stint as a Hunter like everyone else. No I have not played as a Force yet, and not from a lack of trying.

So yeah. Hi. :V

Also, are the online quests translated? The last time I played online was on a server that had a lot of the online quests untranslated and if they were, it was mostly garbled or in Spanish. :/


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We know where that was. And there won't be any of that here
Welcome and enjoy :3

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Welcome Home Antro-san! You will find starting a FOrce here may not be as bad or traumatizing as u think! There's plenty of other FO's here that are willing to halp and or donate a few goodies to help keep you sane! Though starting off Extra SQUISHY never really helps Anyones Sanity huh? Pounce you soon! =3